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About Sukup

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, drying, and handling equipment.
Sukup Family
L – R: Steve Sukup, Emily Schmitt, Mary Sukup, Andy Schmitt, Charles Sukup, Nick Sukup, Andrew Sukup, Matt Koch

Sukup’s focus in manufacturing has been to create a highly advanced, world-class manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facilities in Sheffield, Iowa, include a number of welding robots, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining centers, CNC punching centers, lasers, and numerous roll-forming machines. The company also utilizes progressive dies to accelerate production of high-usage parts. Sukup operates in more than one million square feet of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space worldwide.

One of Sukup’s assets is its long-term employees. Nearly 30% of full-time employees have been with the company for more than 10 years. Sukup equipment is built by people who understand their jobs and the important role they play in manufacturing a successful product for the agricultural industry. As a family-owned and operated company, Sukup prioritizes taking care of its employees [Join Team Sukup], including an on-site health clinic at the manufacturing facility and have invited employees on a trip to Hawaii with their spouse after 10 years of full-time employment.

Ultimately, the key to Sukup Manufacturing Co.’s success has been its culture of innovation. Sukup has held more than 100 U.S. patents, and continues finding ways to make grain storage, drying, and handling more safe, profitable and efficient for farmers and the agricultural industry.



Eugene Sukup, a young farmer, bought his first grain bin in 1962 to dry and store shelled corn. Unfortunately, he found drying to be slow, and pockets of grain began to overheat and spoil. To solve this problem, he modified a stoker auger from a coal furnace and inserted it in an electric drill. Then, using a chain, he hung it from the top of the bin to loosen the hot spots and prevent spoilage.

Eugene began making the stirring augers at a local welding shop in Sheffield, Iowa. He sold five units to a local bin dealer for $29 each; but when he went back to check on them, he found that only three had sold and one had been returned. So, Eugene went back to the drawing board. He came up with the idea of adding a horizontal auger through the handle of the drill to make it automatic. He patented the idea for the Stirway® stirring machine, and Eugene and Mary Sukup founded Sukup Manufacturing Co. in 1963.


After serving as the President of his company for 32 years, Eugene Sukup turned over the position to his son, Charles, in 1995. His son Steve served as the company Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Eugene held the role of Chairman of the Board, and was active in the business until passing away in July 2018. Eugene’s wife of more than 66 years, Mary, served as Corporate Secretary. Charles primarily focused on engineering and sales, while Steve led financial operations and manufacturing.

Sukup continued to expand the company to include a full line of grain handling products, including dryers in 1998. Sukup’s award-winning dryers and control systems ultimately set the standard as a technology leader in agriculture.

Steve also served in the Iowa Legislature from 1994-2002 and was Speaker Pro Tem of the Iowa House of Representatives.


Throughout the years, Sukup Manufacturing Co. has continually grown and expanded its product offerings in grain handling and drying. In 2001, Sukup took a significant step and began manufacturing the grain bins themselves.

The company built its bin manufacturing lines with the most efficient roll-forming equipment to create extremely tight tolerances and make Sukup bins the best-fitting and easiest to assemble in the industry.

Sukup quickly gained market share and was within the top three grain bin companies by sales volume within a few years. The company’s success in the grain bin line has been a result of an emphasis on providing a “one stop shop” for grain storage and handling needs, and becoming an innovation leader in the bin industry with multiple patented features.


On February 1, 2020, Charles Sukup transitioned to Chairman of the Board, and Steve Sukup assumed the role of President and CEO. Steve’s daughter Emily Schmitt (general counsel) and sons-in-law Andy Schmitt (supply chain manager) and Matt Koch (senior electrical engineer) hold leadership roles at the company. Charles’ son Andrew Sukup and Steve’s son Nick Sukup are active in production.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. has kept its home in Sheffield, Iowa, the same community where Eugene and Mary founded the company in 1963. It employs more than 600 people, and established Sukup Europe/DanCorn in Hedensted, Denmark, in 2015. Sukup added a steel receiving facility in Manly, Iowa, in 2015, and an additional manufacturing facility in Hampton, Iowa, in 2021.

Ten years after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, there are more than 300 Sukup SafeTHomes® in Haiti, and nearly 400 total worldwide. Sukup partners with non-profit organization GoServ Global, to distribute these hurricane-proof structures for post-disaster relief.

In 2018, Sukup manufactured the world’s largest free-span grain bin, which stores nearly two million bushels. Charles was also inducted into the National Academy of Engineering that year. We are proud to design and manufacture the industry’s most technology-forward grain management equipment, including the award-winning Mixed Flow Dryer.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. remains the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, drying, and handling equipment.

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