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Sheffield, IA

Job Summary:

The Training Coordinator responsibilities include communicating with managers to identify training needs and mapping out development plans for teams and individuals. A high level of autonomy in carrying out managing, designing, developing, coordinating, and conducting all training programs. Experience with various training methods, including on-the-job coaching, mentorship programs and e-learning is preferred as well as experience with different projects, like management training and soft-skills development, is also essential.

Essential Job Requirements:

High School diploma is required. Experience as a Training Coordinator, Trainer, Training Facilitator, or similar role preferred. Advanced organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple assignments with excellent verbal and written communication skills, industry knowledge, professionalism, and the ability to multi-task. This employee will work with team members to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Preferred Skills:

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel

Job Duties:

*must be eligible

Equal Opportunity Employer

It is, and will continue to be, the policy of Sukup Manufacturing Co. to practice a program of equal employment designed to assure that all employment decisions and advancement opportunities are made available to all employees and applicants on the basis of individual qualifications and without unlawful regard to race, religion, veteran status, national origin, disability, age or sex.

In addition to providing equal employment opportunities, it is also our policy to provide an environment free from unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. Any alleged violation of this policy will be investigated and disciplinary action will follow as required.

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