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Bin Floors & Supports are designed to accommodate most drying or storage needs. Sukup Channel-Lok™ floor planks feature sturdy J-shaped, interlocking sides. Each plank is made of high-strength, galvanized steel and is cut to length with computerized accuracy. Sukup Heavy-Duty Perforated floors and SuperWave® Supports install easily over concrete tunnels for an efficient, low-cost aeration alternative.

Sukup manufactures Heavy-Duty Perforated, Hawk Cut®, and Channel-Lok™ Perforated bin floors. These bin floors are engineered for airflow and durability. They feature a design that promotes proper air circulation throughout the grain, a key factor in preventing spoilage and maintaining grain quality. The construction of these floors provides a stable and strong foundation for grain storage, supporting heavy loads while allowing airflow.

Sukup’s supports are built to enhance the strength and stability of the storage system. Sukup offers SuperWave® Supports, Z-Post, Super Supports™, and Flat Top Super Supports™. Sukup Superwave® Supports are one of the strongest supports on the market and work with all Sukup floor types. They feature a unique wave design that creates more surface area to support the floor planks, while simultaneously making the support more stable than other sheet metal supports. Super Supports™ and Flat Top Super Supports™ are typically recommended for drying bins. Sukup Super Supports™ can be used with most Sukup bin floors and provides excellent airflow, easy installation, and an extra strong design. Flat Top Super Supports™ are designed for use with Heavy-Duty Perforated floors. For details on compatible Sukup bin floors and supports, please visit the Bin Floors Brochure.

Together, Sukup’s Bin Floors & Supports provide a stable, durable, and well-aerated environment for stored grain. Sukup’s commitment to quality and innovation is represented in these products, making them a trusted choice for producers looking for reliable grain handling and storage solutions.

Sukup Hawk Cut® Bin Floors

  • Twice as strong as other standard smooth bin floors
  • Our exclusive process does not remove any steel in forming the large open area in the plank
  • The high arch of the planks helps to increase strength
  • Superior design makes Hawk CutTM planks idea for the demands of high grain depths

Heavy-Duty Perforated Flooring

  • Designed for situations where perforated floors are preferred, but greater grain depths are desired
  • Weight-bearing support every 3 ½”
  • Roll form process creates 7" plank with intermediate channel
  • Available in 0.0945” or 0.05” diameter holes
  • Used with SuperWave™ (US Patent #8,297,016) Supports or Flat Top Super Supports™


  • Extra-strong Hawk Cut flashing gives 10” of coverage from the bin wall
  • Width allows the flashing to fit easily around even small diameter bins
  • 20 gauge – the heaviest flashing on the market
  • Hi-back or low-back
  • Hawk Cut flashing is available pre-punched for Sukup Airway® Tubes
  • 0.05” diameter hole perforated flashing also available.

Z-Post Floor Supports

  • Sukup Z-Post Supports cover a larger area, giving a wider, more solid base
  • Z-Posts are fast and easy to install
  • Notched sides and the self-tightening spring action lock the supports in place and help prevent shifting
  • Available in 13-1/4” and 17” overall heights

Super SupportsTM

  • Welded-rod frame lets air flow freely throughout the bin plenum area
  • Open design provides better heat distribution for more efficient drying
  • Unique angle iron base provides stability
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the plank
  • Available in 13-1/4" and 17" heights

Flat Top Super SupportsTM

  • Used with Sukup Heavy-Duty Perforated Flooring
  • All of the features of standard Super Supports™ without the tabs

Sukup SuperWave™ Supports

  • Stamped metal supports work well with all Sukup floor planks, but they are particularly well-suited to our Heavy-Duty Perforated Floors
  • Unique wave design provides excellent support and stability at an economical price
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the floor plank
  • Can be used with the deepest grain depths
  • U.S. Patent #8,297,016

Product Accessories

  • Flashing may be pre-punched for Sukup Airway® Tubes
  • Sukup Bin sidewall sheets may be pre-punched for flashing bolts
  • Bridging supports required when floor support is narrower than width of the unload
Product Features
  • Sukup Channel-Lok™ Floor Planks
  • High-Strength, Galvanized Steel
  • Corrugation Extends Completely Across the Width of Each Plank
Garret Wedekemper, Wedekemper’s Inc.

Carlisle, IL

What first brought us on board with Sukup was the issues we were having with the previous supplier of our dryers. They just weren’t quality. They just didn’t hold up. All of our dryer customers we’re able to service a lot better because of the higher quality products that Sukup’s providing us.


What are Sukup Bin Floors & Supports?

Sukup Bin Floors & Supports are designed to provide aeration and support within grain bins. They consist of specially engineered flooring that allows air to circulate through the grain, along with supports that reinforce the floor structure.

How do Sukup Bin Floors & Supports enhance grain storage?

Sukup Bin Floors & Supports enhance grain storage by providing necessary aeration to maintain grain quality. The floors facilitate air distribution, while the supports ensure the floor can withstand the weight of the grain, aiding in effective storage and preservation.

What benefits do Sukup Bin Floors & Supports offer?

By providing robust support and ensuring proper aeration, Sukup Bin Floors & Supports help maintain grain quality, reduce the risk of spoilage, and assist in preventing overpressure scenarios in bins, contributing to the overall efficiency of grain storage.
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