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Sukup Centrifugal Dryers are available as full-heat only models or as pressure-heat/vacuum-cool models. The full-heat models operate the same as Single Axial Fan dryers except that centrifugal fans run more quietly. Pressure heat/vacuum-cool dryers can dry in heat/cool mode and operate nearly as efficiently as a full-heat dryer. Pressure heat/vacuum-cool dryers have a 2/3-1/3 split plenum allowing the centrifugal fan to create a vacuum in the lower plenum of the dryer and pull outside air in through the grain column. This cools the grain and heats the air, which is then fed into the intake of the fan. The warmer air coming into the fan and heater then reduces the amount of gas needed to dry within the upper plenum.

Standard Features

  • Centrifugal Dryers operate more quietly than axial dryers
  • Airflow is supplied by Sukup belt-driven dual inlet centrifugal fans and heat is provided by efficient Sukup heaters
  • Single plenum Sukup Centrifugal Dryers are designed for full heat drying only

2/3-1/3 Split

  • More efficient than traditional pressure heat/pressure cool dryers reducing fuel consumption by 20-30%
  • Heat given off by the cooling grain is cycled back into the drying process
  • Less fuel is required to raise the drying air temperature

Quad Metering Rolls

  • Sukup's exclusive, patented Quad Metering Roll System (U.S. Patent #5,992,044) is standard on all Sukup Portable Grain Dryers
  • By using two metering rolls on each dryer column, Sukup is able to pull grain down the drying columns at different speeds. The inner, hotter layer of grain is pulled down the column faster than the cooler, outer layer. The process produces more even moisture content of the dried grain, minimizes damage, and maintains higher test weights and overall quality.
  • They reduce moisture variation and maintain grain quality without blocking airflow or creating spots for debris to accumulate
  • The Sukup Quad Metering Roll System received an AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

Electronic Mod-Valve

  • Electronic modulating valve heater controls provide computer-controlled gas flow to maintain plenum temperature set by the operator
  • This system is much more fuel efficient than on-off or high-low controls
  • Plenum temperature can be easily adjusted from the control box

High Grain Column Holding Capacity

  • Sukup crossflow dryers have the widest grain columns available at 14 inches; wider grain columns allows for more grain in process, promoting higher grain quality and fuel efficiency when compared to narrower grain columns

Fan and Heater Features

  • Sukup double inlet centrifugal fans are quieter than an axial fan
  • Capable of handling vacuum cooling and pressure heating at the same time without losing performance
  • Sukup fans are well-known within the agricultural industry for their high airflow, efficient operation and excellent reliability
  • H-burner heaters use aluminum manifolds and stainless steel mixing plates to provide an extremely efficient use of LP or NG

Optional Accessory Equipment:

  • Ethernet cable connects the QuadraTouch ProTM control box to the dryer; 50', 100', 150', or 200' lengths available
  • Support legs available in 24", 36", 48", or 60" lengths
  • Lift brackets are bolted to the top of the dryer for use as lift points if the dryer is to be picked up by a crane
  • GSM modem sends a text message to a pre-programmed number in the event of a dryer shut-down. You can also text the dryer and it will reply with current operating status. Adjustments such as changing plenum temp, grain moisture set point or shutting dryer down can be made from your cell phone. Works off of GSM cell phone signal.
  • MySukup Remote Web Access allows you to view dryer performance on a device (phone, tablet, computer) and change dryer settings via an internet connection from a Ethernet cable. Dryer cannot be started remotely.
  • Yard kit is used to make a dryer truly portable. Uses implement tires permanently mounted to the dryer
  • Frame jacks are used with yard kit; when dryer is moved into position, simply crank down the jacks to support the weight of the dryer with no other support necessary
  • Discharge extensions
  • Service catwalk is located at the top of the dryer by the wet bin, one side only
  • Side clean-off catwalk is located on the vertical portion of the outer screens, allowing you to safely clean the vertical screens and the top angled screen. Side clean-off catwalk goes around both sides and the rear of the dryer. Available for single-module or stacked dryers.
  • Auxillary motor controls - kits for fill or take-away equipment. 5, 7.5, 10, and 15 HP kits available
  • Column temp option allows you to dry using a temperature sensor in the grain column or dry in batch mode
  • Stainless steel outer screens
  • Stainless steel outer hardware
Product Features
  • QuadraTouch Pro™ Controls with S.M.A.R.T. Loop™ Technology
  • Vacuum Cooling Heat Recovery
  • Quad Metering Rolls (U.S. Patent #5,992,044)
Sergio Hernandez, The Andersons Inc.

Maumee, OH

Our first experience truly dealing with Sukup one on one from the ground up and it was a great experience. Knowing what your service is on the commercial grain side you are a manufacturer that we can call and get what we need.
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