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Commercial Bins are a key part of Sukup's grain storage solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of commercial operations. These bins are known for their strength, durability, and advanced features, making them an ideal choice for large-scale storage requirements.

A primary feature of these Commercial Bins is their robust design. They are engineered to handle the significant weight and stress associated with storing large quantities of grain. With maximum capacities of up to 2.25 million bushels, there are Sukup Commercial Bins to fit the needs of any operation. This durability is crucial for ensuring the safety and longevity of the bin.

One unique factor of Sukup Commercial Bins with laminated sheets is the use of a Double End Stud Bolt™. Utilizing a Double End Stud Bolt™ effectively prevents moisture from seeping between the stiffener and laminated sheets, keeping the stored grain dry. If the sidewall consists of three or more laminated sheets, Sukup utilizes laminated splice plates to reduce bolt stress and risk of bolt shear. Instead of overlapping the edges of laminated sidewall sheets, they use a butt joint and specially designed splice plates. The design makes the bin easier to erect because the holes are properly aligned and eliminate gaps that can lead to leaking.

The design of Sukup's Commercial Bins also focuses on efficient grain storage and handling. Sukup’s bin sheets are made so precisely that every feature goes together perfectly. They are equipped with features that promote aeration and moisture control, essential for preserving the quality of stored grain. This is particularly important in commercial settings where grain quality directly impacts profitability.

The Commercial Bins stand as a testament to Sukup’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for commercial grain storage. Their combination of strength, advanced features, and adaptability makes them an essential component in commercial operations.

Standard Features

  • Available up to 165’ diameters
  • 20K - 2.25M bushel capacity
  • Exceptional peak load ratings: 15,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000, or 150,000 lb.
  • Designed for storing dry, cool, and free-flowing grain, other uses are available upon request
  • 70 ksi tensile strength standard
  • Five-year warranty
  • Patented Double End Stud Bolt™ (U.S. Patent # 10,407,935)
  • Patented Laminated Sidewall Splice Plates For Strong Construction (U.S. Patent # 8,291,664)

Sidewall Features

  • 4" wide corrugation, 44" tall sidewall sheets

Door Features

  • One ring door standard
  • Inside door panels open flat against bin wall

Roof Features

  • Rigidized roof panel
    20" x 35.5" Manhole
  • 48" Peak Opening on structured roofs, 38" peak opening on non-structured roofs
  • All structured roofs come equipped with a 1/4" thick, 60" diameter diamond deck steel lid that provides a solid base for conveying equipment or fill spouts
  • Knot-passing pulley system standard on all structured roofs to aide in safe grain bin entry
  • 50,000 & 100,000 lb. Peak Deck Sizes:
    • 10’ across on 42’-48’ bin
    • 12’ across on 54’-60’ bin
    • 16’ across on 72’-135’ bin
    • 21’ across on 156'-165’ bin

Stiffener Features

  • Two or three stiffeners per sidewall designs
  • Externally-mounted standard

Sidewall options

  • Bottom sheet can be pre-punched for various Sukup floor support heights (up to 105' diameter)
  • Side draw systems available on commercial bins up to 105' diameter (MUST be specified when ordering--never add a side draw system to an existing bin)
  • Transition openings can be pre-cut for Sukup Fans at a nominal charge

Roof options

  • Exclusive 18" Poly Roof Vents are virtually indestructible with built-in debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent
  • 18" roof vent cut-outs feature a 1-1/8" lip to prevent leakage.
  • Tapered Poly Eave Vents are placed high on the bin roof and are used in conjunction with standard 18" vents
  • Power Roof Exhausters are available
  • 42' Commercial Bins have a 5,000 lb.* roof peak load standard with 15,000, 30,000*, or 50,000* lb. roof optional
  • 48' Commercial Bins have an 8,000 lb.* roof peak load standard with 15,000, 30,000*, or 50,000* lb. roof optional
  • 54' & 60' Commercial Bins have a 15,000* lb. roof peak load standard with 30,000* and 50,000* lb. optional roof peak load
  • 72'-78' Commercial Bins have a 50,000* or 100,000* lb. roof peak load depending on ring height
  • 90' Commercial Bins have a 100,000 lb. standard
  • 105' Commercial Bins have a 100,000 lb. standard
  • 135' & 156' Commercial Bins have a 100,000* lb. roof peak load standard
  • 165' Commercial Bins have a 150,000* lb. roof peak load standard

*Roof peak load is pounds evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf ground snow zone or 105 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-10 Code.

Door options

  • Walk-through door is a convenient option on all models
  • 44", 66", 26"x28", and 30"x60" opening sizes
  • Skid steer door for greater access
Product Features
  • All Bins Are Manufactured Under Sukup Manufacturing Co.’S ISO 9001 Certification Requirements
  • Patented Laminated Sidewall Splice Plates for Strong Construction
  • Super Shield® Provides an Extra Layer of Protection
  • Patented Double End Stud Bolt™
  • G115 Galvanized Roof Sheets
  • SAE Grade 8.0 Hardware with JS1000® for Exceptional Corrosion Protection
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What are Sukup Commercial Bins?

Sukup Commercial Bins are large-scale grain storage bins designed for commercial agricultural operations. They are engineered to store larger quantities of grain and are constructed to handle the increased stress and load requirements of commercial needs.

How are Sukup Commercial Bins constructed?

These bins are constructed using high-grade materials and engineering techniques to ensure strength and durability.

What sizes and capacities are available for Sukup Commercial Bins?

Sukup offers a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet various commercial storage needs, ranging from 20K to 2.25M bushel capacity.
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