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A grain spreader helps distribute grain in the bin and helps eliminate fines build-up in center of the bin. No gearbox and a minimum of moving parts make Spredway® the most dependable grain spreader you can buy.

Standard Features

  • Simple design includes a machined pulley to ensure the drive belt remains in position under the heaviest grain flow conditions
  • Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate need to climb bin to grease bearings and oil gears
  • All Sukup Spredways® are equipped with heavy-duty, high-horsepower motors to ensure optimum performance
  • TEFC motors mount outside of spreader cone so they do not obstruct grain flow or overheat from hot grain flowing over them
  • The spreader cone on Sukup standard and Hi-Cap Spredways is made from galvanized steel for long life
  • There are no motors or gearboxes inside the spreader funnel to hamper grain flow
  • The angle of the spreader pan can be easily adjusted from the top to control the grain distribution pattern
  • The handle is easily accessible, unlike other spreaders that must be adjusted from below the unit or with a special tool
  • Adjusting the pan matches the grain spread distance to different bin diameters
  • The split spreader pan divides the grain discharge, resulting in a more evenly balanced flow and making the spreader operate more smoothly

Mounting Bracket

  • Two-piece mounting brackets allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment to level the spreader
  • Rigid mount prevents spreader movement during operation
  • Additional hanger brackets are available for mounting in bins that are not compatible with the rigid brackets

Pre-Spread Ring

  • Sukup has developed a new pre-spread device for grain spreaders. Sukup’s exclusive Pre-Spread Ring (U.S. Patent #8,123,452) is less costly, optimizes the uniform distribution of the grain from a spreader, attaches to the spreader more securely, and does not interfere with closing the bin lid.
  • Pre-Spread Ring sits inside the spreader cone
  • The ring helps guide grain toward the center of the spreader to provide more uniform distribution of the grain
  • The diameter of the opening can be changed to match different sizes of augers. Laser-cut knockout sections can be taken off and reinserted depending upon the size of auger being used.
  • Pre-Spread Ring is standard on all Sukup Spredway Grain Spreaders

Hi-Capacity Spredway

  • Fits 33'-48’ diameter bins
  • 3,000-5,000 BPH capacity
  • ¾ HP motor

Super Hi-Capacity Spredway

  • 5,000 – 7,000 BPH capacity
  • Fits 36’ to 60’
  • 1-½ HP motor

Product Accessories

  • Available for standard farm and commercial bins
  • Pre-spread funnel
  • Spreader bar kit
  • Spreader adjustment wrenches kit
Product Features
  • The Sukup Spredway® is the Most Reliable Grain Spreader You Can Buy
  • Improves Airflow
  • Distributes Fines
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What we like most about partnering with Sukup is mainly customer service. That’s been a big help in the area and a lot of the farmers have seen that. If there’s an issue or there’s a problem, Sukup’s right there to help us out.
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