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The Sukup Tube and Well System offers efficient and high-capacity grain unloading solutions for various bin sizes. Available in 8”, this system is configured with sleeve mount units. One of the standard features of the Tube & Well Systems is the ability to pull the flighting without needing to remove the powerhead. Additionally, the powerhead design itself is designed to allow easy belt adjustments.

The Carry-In Sweep component of these systems is notable for its inclusion of a drive belt, galvanized backboard with patented sweep scrapers, a direct drive wheel, and upgrades available to a reduction drive wheel. The galvanized backboard with its patented sweep scraper is specifically designed to remove the maximum amount of grain possible, providing efficient cleaning of the bin. If you are tired of carrying in and out the sweep, Sukup offers a Carry-In Replacement Paddle Sweep for a more permanent solution.

The capacity of Sukup 8" Tube and Well Unloading Systems is 2,600 bushels per hour. The vertical auger design enhances the unloading capacity by turning faster than the horizontal auger, allowing for rapid grain movement along with the double flight bottom 2’ of the vertical auger.

Standard Features

  • Fast, economical unloading
  • Pull the flighting without removing the powerhead
  • Sleeve mount
  • Powerhead design allows easy belt adjustment

Carry-In Sweep

  • Includes drive belt, galvanized backboard with patented sweep scrapers and direct drive wheel
  • Reduction drive wheel is standard on 8" carry-in sweeps over 40'
  • Galvanized backboard with patented sweep scraper removes the maximum amount of grain possible

Center Sumps

  • 8" galvanized center sumps are available in full gate or concrete (half-gate) style

Intermediate Sumps

  • Band-on, half gate type
  • Intermediate sump top is separate from the sump for easy installation

Product Accessories

  • Reduction drive wheel is optional on 8" carry-in sweeps up to 40'
  • Optional rollers are available on 8" intermediate sumps
  • Roller bearings or UHMW slide rails are optional on 8" center sumps
Product Features
  • Economical and Easy to Service
  • Able to be Moved from One Bin to Another
Mark Geis, Geis Equipment, Inc.

Greensburg, IN

The big push that I’ve got – other than the dryers, the dryers are number 1 – are the power sweeps. The power sweeps have really sold great. They’ve been used to the competition and they’ve found out how much better our product is.


What are Tube & Well Systems?

Sukup Tube & Well Systems are featured in Sukup’s grain handling product lineup and are designed for fast, economical unloading of grain.
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